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Most people play for the entertainment, which means gambling to a responsible extent and within their financial means. But, for a small percentage, games of chance are not a form of entertainment – they are a problem which must be taken seriously.

What is pathological gambling?

Pathological gambling has been listed as a recognized psychological disorder in the international classification systems DSM-V and ICD-10 since 1980. It is defined as persistent, recurring and often increasing gambling despite negative personal and social consequences such as debt, breakdown of social relations and impairment of professional development.

When should behavior be considered problematic?

We would like to stress that diagnoses relating to clinical disorders can only be made by trained specialists. This page offers information which will allow you to quickly assess and consider your own behavior. If you can identify with four or more of the following characteristics, we recommend that you speak to a professional:

  • Are you highly involved in gambling?
  • Do your thoughts constantly turn to gambling?
  • Are you are constantly increasing your stakes?
  • Even beyond your financial means?
  • Have you unsuccessfully attempted to quit or cut down your gambling?
  • Do you become irritated and frustrated after attempting to reduce the extent of your gambling?
  • Does gambling serve as a means of getting away from problems or unpleasant feelings?
  • Have you ever tried to win back losses by taking risks you usually would not take?
  • Have ever you lied about the extent or success of your gaming?
  • Has your gaming ever led to a negative impact on your relationships or your job?
  • Have you ever been forced to rely on others to finance your gaming?

Self-control and self-protection

At Borgata Online, we believe that online gambling "when done in the spirit of fun” can offer an unsurpassed level of excitement. However, when in those instances a person exhibits problem-gambling behavior, we believe it is our responsibility to offer information and assistance. Borgata Online aims to provide the world's safest and most innovative gaming platform. With our fair and responsible product line-up, every user can play within their financial means and receive the best service possible. Borgata Online commits itself to integrity, fairness and reliability and we always do our best to prevent gambling-related problems. has created tools to support responsible gambling and actively encourages its players to use them. All requests for responsible gambling measures are taken very seriously by us and are always valid for the agreed period of time.

For the purposes of responsible gambling, this website provides you the ability to set limits on your activity.  If you are interested in implementing responsible gambling limits such as deposit, loss, and time limits, as well as cooling off periods or self-exclusion from online gambling, please look for the responsible gambling logo or the responsible gambling page for additional information.